TK102 GPS Control Nokia Application

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This application is developed by Bora Ciner to control TK102 GPS tracker from Nokia Series 40 Mobile phones.
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arduino + ethernet shield + sensor shield

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Bora Ciner Ev Kontrol Web Sayfası v2.0

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Web Üzerinden Ev Kontrol Projesi

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Torrent Download

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I made many projects and some of them are awarded in technical project competition in Turkey.I’m really interested in your projects and want to work for you. When you reply this e-mail, I can send you my CV and what documents you need to have.
I’m experienced in J2ME/J2SE,C# and C++ .Net,Php,linux kernel and device driver programming, communication with the wireless/wired sensors or devices and the process of the recieved datas. I have also experiance in microcontroller programming in Arm9,Arm7,Atmel and PIC microcontrollers in the languages C,Pbasic and Assembly.
Some of my projects are;

Computer Controlled Machine Gun ( )

// This project is awarded in 2009 Projistor Technical Project Competiton In Universities of Turkey

Info: A 3-axis platform is loaded with machine gun and it can be work self-controlled by a webcam and a netbook. It detects the human faces and shoot them all with calculating the trigonometric angles and moving the motors.It can be also controlled by wireless 3D-Gyro sensor.The user can control the machine gun robot with a small device located in his hand.The machine gun moves according to the angle of his hand to the ground then It fires when the user moves his index finger. I used C#.Net,Pbasic ,Microcontroller and some protocols to communicate in this project

In self control mode :

The Machine gun detects the human face , moves on x-y axis to shot his head. self firing mode provides the gun fire during 3 seconds..(It can be adjusted to any value)

Spy Keyboard ( )

// This project is awarded in 2010 Projistor Technical Project Competiton In Universities of Turkey

A microcontroller hidden in a keyboard works in background and records all the keystorkes with classifying on EEPROM with a capacity of 1.000.000 characters.It also records the passwords, texts and the deleted texts.So
The owner can know what people wrote and sent/deleted. When the owner pushes the specified characthers (secret password to transmit the records). The Keyboard will send all the records with an internal transmitter to a reciever which can be located up to 100 m. away from keyboard.
The reciever is a device in dimensions 5x4x2 cm. and connected to usb port on a pc then it recieves the characters with a speed of 800 characters/second.

Robotic Arm ( )

//Its a automation control robotic project, it takes the task list then moves to finish this task in specified moves with time.
I have also many programming projects in virtual machines on Windows OS and Device drivers, Kernel programming experience in Linux.

The Other Projects
I have more projects which I cannot remember the names of, such as remote control pc on twitter etc. They’re in every category.